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Wiesels Night Essays - Holocaust Literature, Night, Book Of Exodus

Wiesel's Night Theology 1) How did Wiesel's belief in God change through his camp experiences? In the beginning of the book, Wiesel strongly believed in a god. He believed in a god so strongly that he sought out someone to teach him about his god. He also wanted to teach him how to live by the rules of his god. As the book, progressed Wiesel began to lose faith in his god. Wiesel saw many horrific events, which led him to believe that there is no possibility of a god existing because he would never let these things happen to his people. By the end of the novel, Wiesel had lost all faith in God. 5) Wiesel expresses his anger at God many times during the book but especially on page 65. What do you think about this anger? Is it understandable, appropriate or is it irrational or even blasphemous? I think that Wiesel's anger is completely understandable. If I were enduring such hardships as Wiesel, I might very well become just as angry as he does at the god I believe in. I might even denounce him as Wiesel does. Wiesel has the right to be angry. He feels that he does not deserve to be enduring such hardships. He wants god to help him by stopping the pain and when God does not come to the aid of Wiesel, he denounces him. Emotions probably ran so high and the pain was probably so great that it was very easy to become angry with god. 6) At one point, Wiesel says he does not feel human anymore. What did he mean by this and what things can make a person lose his sense of humanity and dignity? I think when Wiesel says that he does not feel human anymore he means that he is living like an animal. He is caged like an animal. He works like an animal. He also is stripped of all the things that make him human. He is not aloud to stand up for his rights. He can not speak with his own free will. If he does, he will be killed. This compares to someone who beats his or her dog. If you hit the dog long enough and he will flinch anytime, someone raises a hand to the dog. The dog has been stripped of his pride just like Wiesel who has been stripped of his pride. 4) Who was Moshe the Beadle in Wiesel's life? What happened to Moshe and how was he changed? Moshe the Beadle was a poor man who worked in the Hasidic synagogue. He is an exception to the town's rule of not talking or respecting poor people. At the beginning of the story he talks to Wiesel and learns that Wiesel wants to learn the ways of the Zohar. Wiesel agrees to meet with him and discuss life. Soon after they begin there lessons Moshe the Beadle is deported because he is not a native of the town. Several months passed and Moshe the beadle returned. He had changed. His eyes were no longer filled with joy. He wandered from house to house telling the people of the town what had happened to all the foreign Jews. He watched, as the foreign Jews had to dig their own grave and then be shot. He was so astonished by these events that it changes him for good. He was almost insane. Religion

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Mother Knows Best essays

Mother Knows Best essays In the novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith, Katie Nolan continually demonstrates strong leadership for her family. Her ambitions include creating a bank to support her family, educating Francie and Neely, and most importantly showing strong leadership. Throughout the novel Katie Nolan adds money to the tin can bank, sacrificing food, status and material goods to provide a portion of land for her family. It takes a lot of perseverance and struggle to fill the can, but she always finds a way. She has a, Fierce desire for survival. Katie is very tough and passes her traits onto her children and teaches them to deal with hardships, but she also strives hard to educate them. The wise Mary Rommely says, The secret lies in reading and writing. Katie follows her instructions and reads with the children everyday to maintain her promise. Despite cruelty and other issues, she manages to find time to spend with them and educate them. She believes that education is the key to a happy and successful life. She did not want them to lead a suffering life as she did. She continues with her teachings and sends Francie and Neely through high school. She also succeeds in having Francie discover, The magic of learning things. This makes Katie stand out, adding to her perseverance, wisdom. Finally and most importantly, Katie is a leader and made out of thin invisible steel. She leads her family out of many troubles at the same time of comforting and standing up for them. Though her family is in desperate need of money she repeatedly refuses charity, unwilling to be brought down to a lower level. She cleans floors overtime to supply her childrens piano lessons. All these things will provide a great foundation for her children to blossom. Without Katie Francie may have never changed. Other important characters that added a lot to the story include Francie, whose coming of ...

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Critical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Critical analysis - Essay Example 2. Chiat support his claim about the media blurring our image in various forms. The author says, â€Å"everyone think that advertising is full of lies, but it is not what you think (Chiat 12). The facts presented in advertising are almost always accurate, not because advertising people are sticklers but because their adds are very closely regulated†. The author argues that it is hard to detect the real lies in the adverts since they have been regulated but he support his claim that what is false in advertising is the presentation of situations, values, beliefs, and cultural norms which is forming the basis of the sales message. We tend to substitute our natural thoughts with what the media claims to be and the constant advertisements we meet everywhere in our daily activities influences our perception says the author. To support his claim again, the author points out an example of De Beers diamond advertisements which persuade young men to buy engagement rings for their fiancà ƒ ©s using a two months salary. This advert is provoking and inducing insults for those partners who received low costing rings probably using half a month salary. The author bemoans the adverts that tell the fiancà © what to feel and what is real. 3. The purpose of this essay is to warn us about the perception created by the media while advertising. This essay identifies the underlying truth behind advertisements. The author says that the lies present in the adverts are sometimes errors, often innocent but in most cases they are usually the truth as far as the salesperson is concerned. The author does not criticize the sales agents who come up with these adverts but he is concerned by our take or our interpretation of the ads. For this reason, the author tries to influence our thinking and suggests that we consider various factors while coming across adverts. The author suggests

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Stem Cell Research - The NIH, as the Federal government's leading Essay

Stem Cell Research - The NIH, as the Federal government's leading biomedical research organization - Essay Example The NIH has consulted with each of the investigators who have derived these cells. These scientists are working with the NIH and the research community to establish a research infrastructure to ensure the successful handling and the use of these cells in the laboratory". Government funded embryonic stem cells research is allowed in many countries including UK, Japan, France, Australia, and other countries. It was iniially prohibited in ths US by Dickey Amendment to Labor, Health and Human Services & Education Appropriations Act, 1996. Of the 71 blastocysts approved initially, only 22 remained in mid-2006, and many of them were of limited usefulness because of DNA damage. After former president Ronald Reagan died from Alzheimer's during 2004, Nancy Reagan, her entire family except for Michael Reagan, along with 58 senators launched a campaign to relax stem cells research legislation. Consequently, a federal bill passed the house for funding of embryonic stem cells from surplus embryos; however, the bill was vetoed on ethical grounds by President Bush. Stem cells have virtually unlimited applications in treatment and cure of many human diseases and disorders including Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer, paralysis, etc. Stem cells come in two general types: Embryonic stem cells have potential to develop into all 220 types of cells found in human body. Adult stem cells have a limited potential to develop into some variety of cells. While no human trials have started yet for embryonic cells, adult stem cells have now reached human trials stage. While most religious and ethical issues revolve around embryonic stem cells, harvesting adult stem cells does not present any ethical problems but they are difficult to harvest, are severely limited in quantity and have limitations of flexibility. Further, adult stem cells can produce only a few of the 220 different types of cells in the human body. Future Policy Considerations: Liberal Outlook The pro-choice movement firmly believes that since personhood is attained much later during pregnancy, extracting stem cells from few weeks old embryo is not a murder as such. Further, considering the unlimited potential advantages offered by embryonic cell research, even this 'killing' is justified in larger interest of humanity. In vitro fertilization ("test-tube babies") involves the purposeful creation of multiple embryos, knowing and intending that most of them will either die after implantation in the womb or, if not implanted,

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Business Research Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Business Research Methods - Essay Example The research will have an interpretivist approach as the data collected do not address the subject fully and lack some information regarding luxury sells in emerging markets. The aim of the research will be to recognise these and investigate how the brands conduct their business to attract the target market to be brand loyal. Furthermore, this investigation will have an academic value adding to the limitation in material that is currently available around the subject. Key words Luxury Brands Internet E-commerce Emerging Market China Online Selling The Objective and Purpose of the Project The research will be created around the topic of fashion luxury brands and sale of products online. Currently the literature does not sufficiently address the strategy problem, brands deals with when expanding into other regions (such as emerging markets) online. The objective is therefore to gain an understanding of adaptations that the luxury fashion segment does online when enlarging to these coun tries. Therefore, there is a need to obtain first hand information in the form of interviews from luxury brands that are expanding towards emerging markets. That will be the feasibility in the dissertation. ... At first, luxury brands and the Internet do not seem to be a perfect match due to the fact that the internet is a mass communication medium whereas luxury tries to stay within a niche market and does not want to lose its appeal of exclusivity. Recently the internet has deeply changed the anatomy of branding and the overall marketing communications strategy of the fashion industry, from fast moving ones such as M&S and Zara to luxury brands such as Burberry and Hermes (Riley and Lacroix, 2003). Perterson et al argue that the internet is extremely efficient at building a sustainable brand identity and providing a forum giving consumers knowledge about the brand and its products. Additionally it is also necessary to point out that the internet provides a platform to build long lasting relationships with consumers. Traditionally brand management relied upon several media outlets such as TV advertising, print media and product placement on TV and movies. Marketing strategies focused on ma rket research, segmentation and positioning in order to create the perfect marketing mix. (Chaffey, 2000). Riley and Lacroix (2003) focus on the changes that online marketing brought to the marketing strategies of luxury industry. Access to information has become much quicker and consumers have become extremely demanding over the last 2 decades. Luxury brands used to have very stringent control over their brand, with an allure of exclusivity that would not allow â€Å"non-members† to enter. With the advent of internet and consequently, social networks, brand management has essentially changed in order to adapt to the new requirements of online marketing and its operational system. It is essential to any luxury company to

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History of Malaysia Airlines

History of Malaysia Airlines Basically, Malaysia Airlines was established from a joint initiative and venture of Imperial Airways and the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, the Straits Steamship of Singapore. This collaboration had piloted to a proposal towards the government of the Colonial Straits Settlement (CSS) to operate an air services between Penang and Singapore as these states are very well-known during that very era. On 12 October 1937, the agreement had result the incorporation of Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) which is also the pioneer company for airlines industry in Malaysia during that particular time. Moreover, MAL had been brought to the skies with its initial commercial flight as the national airline of Malaya on April 1947. Equipped by a well-defined and vibrant team of visionaries, MAL had successfully become a major player in international airlines industry in less than a decade. In addition, after the formation of Malaysia back in the year of 1963, the airline company had altered its name to Malaysian Airlines Limited (MAL) and directly became the first national carrier of the country. Just within 2 decades, MAL had consistently grew from a single aircraft company into a company with more than 2,400 employees and engaged the then newest 6 F27s, Comet IV jet aircraft , 2 Pioneers, 8 DCs and so forth. However, the whole aviation platform in the industry had changed with the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in the year of 1965. With this unfavorable situation, MAL became a bi-national airline and was further renamed as Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). Furthermore, a new business mission was introduced and the airline developed significantly with new routes to Perth, Taipei, Rome and London. Moreover, in 1973, the partners went separate ways and this had directly led to the formation of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) which served the country till today. Nowadays , Malaysia Airlines flies almost 50,000 passengers daily and cover more than 95 destinations, cover across six continents while operating from its primary hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Kuala Lumpur. On top of that, Malaysia Airlines holds an excellence record of service as the company has prouldy received more than 120 for the past 10 years since its establishment. Specifically, the most notable recognitions is the Worlds Best Cabin Crew by Skytrax UK consecutively from 2001 until 2004, Number one for Economy Class Onboard Excellence 2006 and 5-star Airline in 2005 and 2006 as well. This credit will only applied to the other three airlines in the world and Malaysia Airlines was also ranked second among 88 contenders in Aviation Weeks Top Performing Companies, which measures the financial viability of an airline. Type of Business of Organization Initially, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) have it own humble beginning since its incorporation until today. MAS have been well- perceived as the services company due to its nature core of business. Loads of achievements have been experienced by MAS due to its outstanding and remarkable services in the airline Industry. From a small private-owned company since its establishment, MAS had consistently growth to become one of the multinational companies in Airline Industry. This had shown that the services provided to its prospects had been well-accepted and recognized. Moreover, MAS is a public listed company that listed on the stock exchange of Bursa Malaysia under the name Malaysian Airline System Berhad. With the well projected business mission and goals, MAS had owned numbers of subsidiaries namely such as MASkargo, MAS Aerospace Engineering, MAS Academy Sdn. Bhd., MAS Golden Holidays Sdn. Bhd., FlyFirefly Sdn. Bhd., and newly created company MASwings. Malaysia Airlines business environment Basically, MAS is operated on the service-based entity that accommodates its customers with the excellence flying experiences. The services provided are always being reviewed from time to time as to stay relevant to the requirement from the customers. Moreover, the target market for MAS are consists of all the customers from the high-end till the low. This approach had been executed with the introduction of sales promotion via media and the establishment of subsidiaries within its business. Therefore, all customers can enjoy the five star services at the low price whenever they fly with MAS. On top of that, the main competitors for MAS are consisting of low-cost carrier such as Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines and so forth. Therefore, due to the high numbers of competitors, MAS has continuously introduced its turnaround plan and its marketing strategy as to stay competitive in the Industry. Hence, with the well projected plan and initiatives, MAS has shown a great reputati on and successfully captured the market in South East Asia countries. Company Mission and Objectives Malaysia Airlines Mission To champion the meaning of fly code (Malaysian Hospitality, MH) and provide air travel and transport service that rank among the best in terms of safety, comfort and punctuality. To generate sustainable value for its stakeholders and offer the highest quality of care and services to its customers. To continuously explore innovative ways of doing business and stay relevance to its core and inspiring motto; Go Beyond Expectation. To provide a growth-oriented workplace that recognizes the interests, rights and ideas of its employees as well providing a corporate environment that encourages high integrity and ethical standards; and ensures compliance with all regulations and laws. Malaysia Airlines Objectives The primary objectives of the company were to furnish the people of Malaysia with a proficient and profitable air transport system which would enhance the placing of the country in the world. Moreover, as the Malaysia flag carrier, Malaysia Airlines had played a vital role in contributing to the economic and social integration of the country as a whole. Malaysia Airlines will consistently commit to its planning as to maximize market penetration with a reasonable number of aircraft type and fleet resources. Business Strategies and Success factors

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Autobiography Essay -- Louis MacNeice Poems Poetry Essays

Autobiography The title autobiography is ironic. This poem works on deception. It's simple but deliberate deceptive as some emotions are quite dark. The poem characterises the illness and death of Louis MacNeice's mother. The poem starts off quite happy, the use of colour is important in this poem, as green suggests spring and happiness. Yellow suggests sunlight, youth and pleasant. Black suggests horrific and ghastly images and dark also suggests horrific and frightening images. The rhyming couplets give us a sense of ease in his childhood but the refrain "Come back early or never come" introduces us to loss and abandonment. MacNeice gives his mother happy colours like yellow, showing that he loved her, but he gives his father no colour at all showing that he doesn't ...

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Brian Montgomery

What skills do you believe manages should possess? A: Leadership, organizational and interaction skills, good communication. Planning Q: Why do you think Managers need to plan? A: You need to have agreed plans and goals; I?s how you measure yourselves and the business against planned targets Q: There are different kinds of Plans including, Mission statements, vision, marketing operational. What type of plans do you use in your business? A: In my division we use all of those, the company has our mission statement and vision, which we live but the operational plans are the day to day business for us.Q: How often do you refer to each of the plans? A: It really depends on the plan and situation but I would say at least weekly. Q: Do you discuss the plans with you your teams and why? A: Yes we discuss these in all of our meetings at different levels. Staff, supervisor and management meetings. Q: How effective do you think these plans are? A: There is always room for improvement, but at th is time they are good. They are achievable and relevant to the core business. Our plans have to be somewhat flexible due to the changing environment we work in. Q: What benefits do you think you get from each of those plans?A: The team get a sense of achievement, moving forward, setting new goals. We achieve then move the goals forward. It's great for the team to see the plan coming to fruition. Organizing Q: Why do you think businesses need to have organizational structures? A: Accountability and growth. Q: There are different kinds of Organizational structures in the workplace, Formal/informal, functional, and divisional and matrix. Which one or combination Of these is used in your business? A: would say Divisional due to the multiple sites. Q: What benefits do you think you get from those structures you use?A: loud say time is the biggest benefit. When you find something that works well at one site you can adapt that to fit another site. With not having to come up with a complete new system then have time to focus on other issues. Q: Do you see any drawbacks to any of the structures you use? A: Having too many sites sometimes mean you spread yourself a little thin. That's when you have to look at staff and co-leaders. Leadership Q: Why do you think leadership is important in business? A: Overall accountability, but part of that is ensuring that the whole team work together to achieve the desired outcome.Q: There are several types of adhering, Autocratic, Democratic Laissez-fairer, situational etc. Which of these do you use in your organization? A: Democratic for me, having said that there are occasions when time constants mean a directive needs to be the way to move forward quickly. Q:How would you describe your leadership style? A: Adaptable depending on the climate at the time and proactive. Q: What benefits do you think you get from this style? A: Success, great time management and good interactions with staff. This means we meet timeliness. Q:DO you see any drawbacks to this style?A: Sometimes if you don't stay focused on delivery, things can get interpreted Rooney. You really have to make sure you invest time on learning so everyone understands their part in the overall plan. Control Q: What does controlling mean for you? A: Guidelines are put in place sows have a structured approach. Q: What control systems are used in your business? A: Mainly Kepi's (Key Performance Indicators) Q: Why are controlling systems important in your business? A: So we can achieve and show that we have achieved. Q: What control functions that you use monitor your planning functions?A: The Kepi's are what shows how we are progressing against our plan and working towards our targets. With no Kepi's where are we really. 1 . The Planning Function of Management 1. 1 . A There are a variety of reasons that managers plan although to me the first reason would be to set the direction and priorities of the company or sector of the company. You want to ensure tha t everyone in the team is working towards a similar goal and understands what that goal is. 1 . 2. A Vision Statement: Describes what a company would like to achieve, their aspirations to be the leader or best at what they do.Mission Statement: This is really the overall aim of the company, it tells prospective customers who the company are and what they stand for. Strategic plans: these are the long term plans the company has to grow. The overall direction it wants to take to achieve its desired goals. Marketing plans: This is the companies plan outlining how they plan to achieve the strategic goal they set. Here they need to look at what they deliver how well and what gives them the competitive edge over others out there. How they show that information to prospective clients. Contingency plan: This is the ‘what if plan.As we all know â€Å"If anything can go wrong, it will. † Murphy's law With that in mind we need to put plans in place for possible events that were to originally planned for (the contingency plan). Operational plans: This is a short term plan often set at a lower level in the company to ensure the team or section of the company have a clear understanding of what they need to do in the short term to ensure the company as a whole is achieving its higher level plans. 1 . 2. B The company I studied has a variety of plans, they have a vision (what they want to be), Mission (Why they exist), Values(what is important to them).They also have a strategic plan looking at the goals of increasing contracts and turnover by a percentage each year for the next five years. They have a marketing plan, for how they plan to sell the business to prospective clients. All these plans are driven from their National Office. Then there is the operational planning side of things, this is how they plan their work week to week to ensure they carry out the work the client wants within the timeshare set. 1. 3. From what observed I think overall the company st udied has some good plans at each level.My study was more focused on the operational plans and at interview and at first look it appears that the plans are sound and have some clear expectations of how things would be done in order to achieve the goals. Looking closer showed that there were some things that could possibly be done to make it more effective 1 . 3. B I was able to see the operational plans and how these were looked at from week to week. They have various focuses form current week to next and then longer focus into months ahead. I was shown the targets for completions of set work and the actual percentages achieved week on week against the plans.They have set themselves some high goals for the year and are close to achieving. I did notice from discussions that where they appear to fail is due to not cooking at the contingency side of things fully. A lot of the day to day jobs are dependent on weather or plant access and often there is no plan for what they will do if th ey cannot do that. This means that the overall focus then becomes more reactive than proactive. 2. The Organizing Function of Management 2. 1 . A Businesses need to have organizational structures in order to allow them to function effectively.This is because the structure defines the roles and tasks undertaken by staff. â€Å"An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements. † Scott Belles 2. 2. The main kinds Of organizational structures are: Formal: Generally roles and responsibilities are set out in writing and staff generally don't venture outside their job description. Informal: Is how people work together in practice, day to day interactions. This structure generally develops alongside a formal structure. Divisional: Is where an organization is split into a number of separate units.These can be grouped according to product, market, geographical location or a mix of these. Each division is self-managed. Functional: Is where sta ff are grouped according to the function or role they perform Matrix: Is where staff are grouped by both function and product, often this structure is used for project work. 2. B The company I studied had a combination Of the Structures discussed. The company as a whole have a formal structure with an organizational chart to show the positions, with each position having a formal job description.But alongside that the staff have developed good communication and day to day talking to ensure the jobs are completed which is really the informal addition. The company has certainly got a divisional side to mainly based on location, and there is somewhat of a functional split at the location I looked at where hey have a roofing team with team leader, a handyman team with team leader, an industrial cleaning team with team leader and a commercial cleaning team with team leader. 2. 3. A The impression I was left with is that the mix of organizational structures works very well in this company. There appear to be a good balance between the formal and informal. The functional structure impressed me in that each of the individual teams had a clear understanding of their roles and took pride in achieving and meeting their targets. 2. 3. B During my visit I was able to see the organizational chart and some of the position descriptions. Away the team members within the office and how they interacted with the team leaders to get tasks achieved. 3. The Leadership Function of Management 3. 1 . A Leadership is important because without it a business will fail to function to its full potential. Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality. † Warren G. Bennie 3. 2. A To me the business I studied relies heavily on the democratic style of leadership, with a little delegating added to the mix. Democratic: There were a lot of notes from meetings with the manager and her supervisors and team leaders, where you could see issues discussed and he thoughts of the team wit h the decision made and agreed as the way to move forward. I noted from the tone used by the manager at interview and the dealings I saw with staff that she asked for their thoughts and input to assist in the decision making process.Delegating: I could often see actions for tasks or monitoring being assigned to the supervisor and team leaders. 3. 2. B Compared to the democratic style the autocratic does not look for a collaborative approach. Generally it is a more solely directive or authoritarian approach. Whereas the democratic style assists staff in feeling that they are a ajar part of the process and engaging them the autocratic would not be the way to get the best from a team. The team with the autocratic leader often feel less loyal, have less commitment and in the end, less satisfaction from the job as those with a democratic leader.Having said this a few of the staff I came across liked the go to work and be told what to do and how, although it was a minority. Although not i deal in my view there are occasions where autocratic works, this is usually in situations where an emergency has occurred and a decision needs to be made sooner rather than waiting to see if a consensus can be reached. . 3. A I believe that the leadership in the business I studied was adequate. There seemed to be systems in place and all those I spoke to or observed seemed to be aware of their part in achieving.

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Martial Law and Batch 81 essays

Martial Law and Batch '81 essays Martial Law was a time of hardship for most of our people. Maybe I could say that I was lucky not to have grown up in that era. After hearing all the stories that have been related to me by my parents and relatives when I was young, I became afraid of that time. Imagine, curfews? Military haircuts? Those were the stuff nightmares are made of. When I grew up though, I was exposed to the more gruesome details of Ferdinand Marcos rule. The unexplained disappearances and salvages became evident to me. It was really a terrifying time to be politically active, especially if you were against the regime. Although I learned that Marcos could have been the best leader our country has had, all his achievements were negated because of his tyranny and despotism. If I were alive in that time, I would have been agreeable to Marcos dictatorship if only he had practiced a more benevolent type of rule. He was a great ruler, and he did our country a whole lot of good. There was almost no cri me and he established the Philippines as the top exporter of rice in the world. Its too bad that he had to become power-hungry and steal from the country like he did. As a result of his martial law era, the Filipinos have become inherently afraid of the possibility of another declaration of military rule. It has created a fear in changing our constitution even if it is in dire need of revision. In the film Batch 81, I saw the horrors of martial law, albeit inconspicuous and obscured, portrayed graphically in front of my eyes. The film was about fraternities, and the ordeals that neophytes go through to be a part of this group. In the film, the fraternity was shown by the director to portray martial law in all its brutality and savagery. The neophytes were we, the citizens of the country. It showed the authority and rule that the fraternity has over the neophytes, like martial law had over the people. The frater ...

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Christ-Centered Therapy Essays

Christ-Centered Therapy Essays Christ-Centered Therapy Paper Christ-Centered Therapy Paper There are four essentials for the crisis intervention to be effective. Firstly, it is important that the person must be screened for behavioral, emotional and psychological problems. Secondly, the minister should make sure that documentation on any history and events that led to the crisis or what might be a potential crisis. Thirdly, ensure that the minister learns about the causes, consequences, resources and appropriate responses to a crisis or the potential crisis the person may be facing (Rowan, 1997). Fourthly, the crisis intervention plan must be individualized, set for the person’s needs and if possible; consulting another qualified medical or Christian mental health professional is perhaps, a necessity (Wulff, p. 48). ~How does a church look at ministering people on a continued basis? Within the church, I believe that the following fundamental areas must be present for a full-orbed care ministry especially that when crisis comes, events that trigger crisis or trauma inducing effects on a person do not fall on certain seasons or will they signal their upcoming presence(Anderson et al, 2000, p. 355). Hence, a church must provide a holistic approach towards such an attainment. It may include what may look like Care ministries provide a ready response when personal stress is overwhelming that adheres to a Christ-centered slant (Anderson, 1995). Setting up a crisis intervention center equipped with treatment plans and procedures for every form or type of physical and mental trauma-related sicknesses or disorders takes not only wide and established knowledge of the health care or spiritual ministry involved. It basically takes into consideration a clear call from God that such an undertaking is His direction not only for the church in general, but specifically for one who should take the leadership role on a long-term basis. The call and the subsequent preparation and/or training start with the spiritual unction that enables the minister and the Christian counselor/therapist to see the needs and plight of those suffering trauma or crisis-induced anxiety and corresponding illnesses that bother the client. Then there are the other items to consider such as logistics and other means of support when clients can ill-afford the costs of health care. Constant corporate prayer is an important area that must be in place all year round. Accompanying these detailed needs is the fact that mistakes will/should be anticipated knowing that clients are individual persons with unique personalities and difficulties. However, the rewards are plenteous and the church will be edified and developed when members are given the opportunity to serve and exercise their respective giftings. It is recommended here however, that the model utilized and presented here should be submitted for further testing and development; criticisms should be considered towards the improvement of a better crisis intervention plan. Reference: 1. Anderson, Neil T. , Terry E. Zuehlke, Julianne S. Zuehlke. 2000. Christ-Centered Therapy. Zondervan Publishing House. 2. Anderson, Neill. 1995. Helping others find freedom in Christ. Ventura, Calif. : Regal. 3. Bisson, Jonathan, Mark Brayne, Frank M. Ochberg, George Everly Jr. July 2007. Early Psychological intervention following traumatic events. American Journal of Psychiatry 164:1016-1019.

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Democratic Capitalism and Individual Liberty 201 Essay

Democratic Capitalism and Individual Liberty 201 - Essay Example Thomas Paine in Common Sense argued North America was a â€Å"natural manufactory† where laying out money to build a navy was paramount because it would protect commerce (Paine 36). Thus, free trade and individualism go hand in hand with each other but when businesses are not allowed to fail, the result is socialism. When Alexis de Tocqueville toured the U. S. in the 1830s he was impressed with Americans’ industriousness. However, de Tocqueville also saw problems of having slaves as part of a southern workforce. The white Ohioan, as de Tocqueville put it, â€Å"is obliged to exist by his own exertions† while the â€Å"Kentuckian scorns . . . labour [and] lives in an idle independence† (Casper & Davies 117). As the nation grew, laws, such as the abolition of slavery in 1865 and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in 1892, promoted individualism and fair play in business. The recent government bailout did not promote individualism and goes directly against Smith’s idea that when regulations are â€Å"completely taken away, the obvious and simple system of natural liberty establishes itself of its own accord† (Burton & Dworkin 145). Allowing business to fail is the natural order of supply and demand. When businesses are not allowed to fail, but propped up with a supply of government money, the system is no longer individualistic but

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Abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Abortion - Essay Example serious problems, such as when the birth of a child can result in the death of his/her mother or the child was conceived through rape and its birth will have an extremely negative role on the rest of the woman’s life. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the supporters of abortion point out rather strong factors in favor of abortion, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is primarily about human life that is recognized as priceless by all. The high incidence of abortions as the most simple solution to the problem has led to the fact that partly a childs life has lost its meaning and significance as a gift of God or a gift of nature (depending on how one perceives the birth). This problem did not exist until 1912 because before 1912, there were no laws against abortion (London). Despite the adoption of various laws on abortion, the problem is that abortion is still being applied even in cases when the birth of a child shall not be a threat to the physical or ment al health of the mother and is justified from a practical point of view (too early pregnancy, physical complexity, condemned by the parents, etc.). Given all this, one can confidently assert that abortion is an extremely negative phenomenon and its evaluation should be primarily negative. Justification for abortion is only possible in some cases, namely, if the birth of a child will lead to the death of the mother or cause deep psychological trauma that can lead in tragic consequences in the woman’s life. As noted above, the proponents of abortion can point out many arguments in favor of their position. In particular, one of the first argument can appeal to the fact that nature itself provides the means for a natural abortion. Natural abortion can occur as a result of the inability of a woman to bear a child, her poor health, bad heredity, etc. Thus, even nature suggests the possibility of miscarriage. For this reason, one cannot blame the doctors that they offer women the opportunity to